Radix-Hext are two-stage implants with passive thread for the most efficient load balancing. Round thread is most favorable for optimal load distribution in spongy bone. The downside of rounded thread is the difficulty with which you can achieve primary stability of this implant compared with the implants with aggressive thread. However these skills come after short training.

The technology of titanium plastic deformation, used by our company, allows to use purer, but less strong titanium of Grade 4 class instead of stronger but more toxic titanium of class Grade 5.  The majority of implant systems use titanium of Gr 5 class for the implant production. It is stronger, that is why it allows to avoid fractures of implants or its components.  But it contains aluminum and vanadium, which are toxic for humans. The concentration of these elements in titanium Gr5 is not high, but nevertheless it influences the results of osseontegration.