About Us

PROEKCIA specializes in the development of innovative products in implantology starting from 1989. 

For more than twenty years company Proekcia maintains high quality of Radix dental implants system. The production quality system complies with ISO 13485:2003 standard. 

The leading principle of our company is “Implants affordable to everyone”. Our twenty-year history shows that the company managed to improve the popularity of implantology in the former USSR Republics quite substantially. Our flexible pricing policy during these twenty years makes implantation affordable to all population groups. The system of dental implants Radix allows solving all types of clinical tasks given any amount of bone body, any type of bone tissue and surgical treatment protocol. Both entry-level and experienced doctors may use the implants and the components of Radix system for treatment of any complexity. All this was achieved through constant upgrading of the line of the implants and prosthetic components, their ease of use, moderate prices combined with high quality and the possibility to obtain training in several clinical centers.

For more than fifteen years dental implants Radix are manufactured from pure titanium subjected to intensive plastic deformation to nanocrystalline titanium characterized by increased resistance and durability. The surface of the implants is micro-textured, and therefore the implant is tightly fixed leading to perfect regeneration of bone tissue. Numerous clinical studies and many years of experience prove the effectiveness of this type of technology. 

Currently, Radix dental implants system is largely used in more than twenty countries.