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  • Radix-Balance. New generation of implants.

    Long-Term Esthetics.
  • Radix-Balance and Radix-Oston.

    Unique implants with self-tapping and self-condensing effects.
  • Implants affordable to everyone.

    Since 1989.
Отличные клинические результаты и эстетика

Innovative ideas.

Provide excellent clinical resusts and aesthetics.

Дентальные имплантаты из титана класса Grade 4


The use in the manufacturing of implants only Grade 4 class titanium is the basis of long-term functioning of the implants.


Modern manufacture.

According to all accepted industry standards.



Headquartered in Minsk, Belarus. Advanced dealer network in all regions of Eurasia

Доказанная высокая клиническая эффективность


Proven high clinical efficiency and success for over 20 years.

Пожизненная гарантия на имплантаты и инструменты


Lifetime warranty on the implants and instruments. 

Our Experience. Your Prosperity

Radix Dental Implants System allows to solve all clinical tasks in case in different volume of bone, bone type and surgical treatment protocol. Both beginners and experienced dentists can use implants and components of the Radix System for carrying of implantological treatment of various difficulty. It became possible due to the constant renewal of product slate (implants and prosthetic components), simplicity of usage, high quality at low cost, the possibility to study in several educational clinical centers.

  • High quality
  • Wide product slate of implants
  • Reasonable price
  • Educational courses and seminars

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